You know, I’m not really feeling one of those “best of 2011” lists at present, so we’ll just go with a “My Musical Year In Review.” Keep in mind while reading that my music taste surely goes through phases; deal with it. Also, I don’t dislike any of these now; however, they may or may not be in the present “phase.” So,

My Musical Year In Review: A Brief Sketch

  • Started the year out strong with a deep appreciation for The Morning Benders and Two Door Cinema Club. Probably toss some Beach House and Vampire Weekend in there too.
  • Enter Chromeo. Love that for a while. And Lo-Fi-Fnk.
  • Here we reach Arcade Fire. I was super stuck on these guys for a long time. Probably four months of undying AF love. [The concert was fantastic amid this love.]
  • During my Arcade Fire time, I also enjoyed greatly Owen Pallet (Final Fantasy), Jenny and Johnny, Fanfarlo, Miike Snow, Faded Paper Figures, Mumford & Sons, etc.
  • Hello, Sufjan Stevens. Def got some Sufjan love during the summer.
  • Welcome Bon Iver to the picture. Bought Bon Iver and was totally in love. Couldn’t stop listening to it for a month.
  • Add in some Donovan Frankenreiter and Radiohead here.
  • Now we get to the Europop phase: Yelle. Robyn. Need I say more?
  • Welcome to The Welcome Wagon. (punny.) On repeat all day every day for a while.
  • Here is Caribou. And Architecture in Helsinki.
  • Along comes Kye Kye.
  • Then we reach Youth Lagoon. Love it. Concert: so good.
  • Now I’ve hit Sigur Rós.

So I think I’ve got pretty much everything here. Now you can go listen to these kids, or not, whatever. Now I’m almost regretting writing this, because who’s even going to read this? But I guess that is the point of a blog, to write stuff, so whatevs. Maybe I’ll take up music blogging. Later.


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