Re: Perspective Changes and Simplicity

Over the past week or so, my blog stats have dropped off the face of the earth. (Specifically, in the past 48 hours, I have had 2 blog views. Two (2). And none of them have been today.) Along with the mention to me (with particularly odd timing) of the fact that I haven’t posted in a while, I decided to quickly write up a post before I began my homework. This week has been somewhat life-changing; however, I will only talk about a couple of (somewhat) life-changing incidents.

Firstly, I watched an absolutely amazing movie this week. It is called Everything is Illuminated. And seriously, if you are reading this, you should go watch it right now. (It streams for free with Amazon Prime.) It was the perfect combination of comical and sentimental, fun and touching, knowing and not knowing. All around, a very well-done movie. I was seriously impressed and am now more inspired than ever to tell my family that I love them.

Secondly, I had an interesting experience the other day that kind of put life into a new perspective for me. This event sort of made me think about my priorities and what I maybe should be doing differently. I feel like it shouldn’t take some drastic event like this for me to make sure my priorities are straight, but I guess this was just a clear sign that I need to kick it into gear. My suggestion to any of my blog-readers is this: Take a minute and think about what’s important to you and what your ultimate goal is (I’m talking really long term here) and then just do a quick reality check to make sure the things you are doing align you with that goal. When you’re doing what you value most (again, extremely long term), everything else will fall into place. I feel blessed to be where I am today; however, be that as it may, there is always something I can work on, and now’s a better time than any to start working on those things.

So, please be grateful for the life you have. Oftentimes we take the simplicity of life for granted and it only takes a minor curve ball to upset us, but when it comes down to it, we’ve all been very blessed. Don’t forget that you have a lot going for you, and that you should do your best to maximize that potential at all times. Don’t let the simple beautiful everyday moments pass you by without notice. Those can be the most valuable. And, most of all, don’t forget to be happy about what you have. Good will always triumph in the end.

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