Reasons why everyone should run up the stairs

  1. Mild exercise. Everyone needs to get their heart rate up once in a while, and simply jogging up the stairs (as opposed to meandering up the stairs) is a great way to do it. You don’t even end up that out of breath, but you feel kind of good after because it feels good to get your heart rate up a little bit.
  2. Timeliness. You get up the stairs so much faster. Even when you’re not in a hurry, jogging up the stairs will decrease the amount of time it takes you to get wherever you’re going, and who doesn’t like being a little early? Coming from me, that’s definitely saying something.
  3. No one will get annoyed at you. As one who has a habit of running up the stairs no matter what the circumstances, I tend to get annoyed when people are walking super slowly up the stairs, especially when it’s a very skinny staircase. No matter how well you are dressed, how full your hands are, or even if you’re holding hands with someone, you can always speed it up a little.

And that is why I think that all people should run up the stairs.

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