i don’t have anything to blog about.

as you may have noticed, i haven’t blogged much lately.

i attribute this to two things: (1) i have been busy, and (2) there is nothing that i desire to blog about.

and i haven’t taken any pictures of things that have happened to me, so i don’t have any of those to show you either.


but regardless, here i am blogging, so i better write something.


i finished spring term on thursday. summer term starts tomorrow. i have had fun so far, working and going to school and being on a consulting team and flying kites and riding bikes and being with friends and stuff.

i have an internship offer and three offers pending from people i’ve interviewed with. i have two follow-up interviews tomorrow.

i’ve visited home a bunch.

the new house is under construction. the framing is almost all the way done. i’ve stood in my future room/my parents’ future exercise room. it’s big and has a big closet. that’ll be fun to come back to.

i have some of the best friends ever. while some are gone to africa and israel and other places, i still have excellent friends here, and it’s the best. but i am still excited to see the uganda- and israel-dwellers again.

it’s fathers’ day. my dad is the best.

i haven’t turned on the overhead light in my room in a long time. i love natural light, and when that’s not available, i opt for my desk lamp.

i switched what direction i face when lying down in bed, and now i wake up with the sun on my face.

i’m attempting to make myself a pair of shoes. we’ll see how it goes.


and that’s all i’ve got.


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