I’m one million hungry. However, I told myself a week or so ago that I shouldn’t buy any more food because I am moving in (less than) two weeks. So that means I’m having pasta (again). It’s totally alright, though, because it’s still better than a lot of things, e.g. Taco Bell. Have I ever mentioned that I hate Taco Bell?

I stopped at the twilight zone (every time I see or write or think of the word “twilight,” I always think of the time when I accidentally misspelled it as “twlilght”) and bought one banana, since I already had two, so that I could make banana bread. Jules-Camps and I made some on Saturday. It came out of the oven at 11:55 p.m. It was halfway gone by the time she left, and completely gone by around noon on Sunday. So you better come over tonight if you want some, because it’ll probably be gone by tomorrow.

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  1. romney says:

    here is the first comment I’ve ever left on your blog HONY. Happy birthday.

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