Remember that part in Toy Story where they all say “Bye, house!” as they drive away?

I wanted to say that today as I drove away from the apartment I’ve lived in for the past year. It was pretty sentimental to leave: not because the apartment itself was super fantastic, but because it has housed so many good memories. And bad memories. And learning experiences. And everything else. A lot of things. It was hard. And it was fun. And it was painful. And it was lovely. And it was the best year of my life to date.

It’s weird to be moving home, but only be “moving home.” The coming week or so will consist of unpacking and repacking everything. I will be packing for my venture to Washington, D.C.  The stuff I don’t take with me to Washington will be put in boxes and go in a storage unit in preparation for my family’s big move in a couple of months.

So, in a couple of weeks, I will again be saying, “Bye, house!” This time, it will be to the house that I spent a vast majority of my 20 years in. All the years I lived before I went to university were within the walls of this house. It will be sad to say goodbye to this house, especially when my family will be residing here for a few months longer.

I’m grateful to have learned in this past year, though, that the people are the most important part. Location is good, but the individuals are even better.

A big, huge THANK YOU to everyone who has made my life so great. Whether we’ve been friends since before I can remember or were acquainted just a few months ago, I’m glad to know every one of you.

I know some pretty amazing people. And the people in my life are what have made my life so wonderful.

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One thought on “moving

  1. Whitney says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person that appreciates the “bye, house!” moment.

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