Washington, DC – Round 1

I think maybe I’ll do weekly-digest type blog posts rather than writing the everyday  minutiae. Hope that’s okay with everyone. But I’ll start out with a so-far-digest.

I arrived on Friday. I went with some of the other BYU kids to eat dinner. We ate at the big salad bar at Whole Foods. (I couldn’t help but think of this while in WF.) And then I unpacked and unpacked until I was done. Supes exciting, I know.

Saturday, I got up and left ten minutes later with a couple friends: we (1) figured out how to use the Metro system, (2) bought our metro passes, and (3) used both our knowledge and our passes to get us to target to buy some essentials. It was quite an undertaking. (not really.) After we got back, some people were going to walk through Georgetown, so I went with. It’s so quaint! I love it. All the row houses/buildings are lovely. And! There is a Zara in Georgetown! I didn’t even know there were any Zara stores in the States, so I was super excited to make that find. I also spied a Madewell in G-Town, so I’m excited to peruse those shops, among others. That evening, some people were going to a karaoke thing and convinced me to go. I wasn’t super enthused, but I went along anyway. The place turned out to be kind of a dive, and after getting a wristband with permanent marker Xs all over it (due to my being underage) and hearing a couple of friends sing delightful songs, a few of us decided to peace out. So we departed. And, with only having to look at an iphone map once, I managed to navigate us back. I was pretty happy about that. I then joined up with some friends who were walking about. We walked through Georgetown a bit again and went out to these steps that go down to the Potomac. Seriously, the Potomac is a beautiful river. It was lovely. Then we headed back and at that point, it was time for bed. I was tired.

Sunday, a couple people from the DC 2nd Ward met us at the BC to take us to church. We all hopped (figuratively) across the street and got on the bus. It was pretty weird to have to take a bus to church: I’m used to a 5 minute walk up to campus. The bus ride was probably about 30 minutes long. Church was nice. The church building is in Chevy Chase. It’s quite old and really pretty. Also, the acoustics in there are apparently amazing, because when we sing hymns, it’s pretty much an angelic chorus in that place. It’s super cool. After church, there was a mix & mingle thing… I kind of hate the name of those, but I stayed anyway. Plus, I heard there would be food. Turns out the food was Go-Gurts. I was very hesitant to eat one. But then Tyler persuaded me. And it turned out to not be that bad. Then, we headed home. A little while after I got home, Emily knocked on my door and wondered if I wanted to go down to Crystal City, VA to a get-together her former wardies were having. So I assented. And I was glad I did! Five of us went down (we rode the metro) and it was a beautiful place. And I met some neat people. A couple people stayed in Crystal City, so three of us came back up to the District, and on our way, we decided to go to the US Army Chorus concert at the Kennedy Center. So we sent out a text message to some other peeps and met them there. The concert was super fun. If you’ve never heard the Army Chorus, look them up. They’re pretty neat. After that, we stood on the deck overlooking the Potomac, and then we decided to go see something at the Mall. So we headed over to the Lincoln Memorial. That was suuuper cool. We got there and about 5 minutes after our arrival, the lights turned on at the Washington Monument. It was beautiful to see that monument across the reflection pool. And the inside of the Lincoln Memorial was super cool. I loved what it said right above the statue:


As I read that and as I read the Gettysburg Address (which is also inscribed on the wall), it just astonished me how much he did for our country. America would not be the same today if it weren’t for that man. I also heard a bit of the tour being given by a ranger, and the symbolism in that memorial is pretty fantastic. I’ll probably have to go on the complete Mall tour soon. Probably on a bicycle.

Today, we had class in the morning from the Washington Seminar director, and so that was good. Then, at about 1:00, they split us into groups of 3 or 4 and sent us out to go find our internships. So I went on an excursion with Anna and Cameron to their offices. We decided to walk home along Pennsylvania Ave from Cameron’s office, and it took about 30 minutes. We passed the White House and stuff. It was pretty nifty.

I’ve been pretty terrible at taking photos hence far, mainly because my camera wasn’t charged. I charged it today, so I’ll try to get in the habit of taking some. But for now, I’ve borrowed some from Anna’s mom-blog and Ky’s fbook and other photos that Anna gave me.

Here a few of us are outside of the church building.

Here we are outside the Kennedy Center with the gorgeous Potomac in the background.

My feet are in the middle. This is on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered this speech.

Here I am inside the Memorial with Mr. Lincoln himself.

And here’s the Washington Monument.

So that’s my life right now.

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One thought on “Washington, DC – Round 1

  1. Stacy says:

    The most important thing I learned from this blog post is that you are still using the word “supes”. This pleases me.

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