this week in the east

hello, everyone.

This week was one of exploration and adventure. I didn’t start my internship this week — that happens tomorrow — so I just had a week of freedom and fun.

Also, maybe everyone who is reading this ought to listen to the xx’s new album Coexist while they read this, because I’m listening right now and the whole tone of this post will probably follow suit.

We’ll take this one step at a time.

Tuesday: I slept in (I was still behind from the previous week and from travelling). I arose and got ready, and then headed to the National Gallery of Art. I had an alright time getting there, even though my sense of direction was completely awry. (That has gotten significantly better.) Although I did take an accidental/purposeful detour to the Washington Monument. I then went through the entire West Building, and then I went to the Sculpture Garden and walked around. And then I sat by the fountain and read.

That evening, there was a free outdoor movie showing in Bethesda. So Carly and Anna and McKay and I headed out to Bethesda. We may have accidentally taken the metro too far and had to sit on a sketchy bench while we waited for the next train. But we did get to the lovely town of Bethesda, and we even got to the movie location in time to hear Patrick Swayze say, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” And we got some free popcorn.

Wednesday: I went to the East Building of the National Gallery of Art, which is all modern art. I was very fascinated by Barnett Newman’s Stations of the Cross. It had its own special room at the top of the tower and everything, and all fourteen + one paintings were there. I wish I could know what he thinks they all represent. I also went to lunch with Sarah R., which was fun. And in the evening, I just read America, The Owner’s Manual. And I went to institute.

Thursday: A few other people and I went to a park to read (I chose America, The Owner’s Manual) and then we went to the Natural History Museum. And then I read some more.

Friday: I went to breakfast with some people at 8 a.m. What? I never get up before 8. Except for now. We had class at 9:30. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I found out about some of the lectures we will be having. I am quite looking forward to them. After class, I filled out some paperwork and went to take it to my internship. Some people came with me, so after we dropped it off, we went to the Old Post Office, followed by a short stint at the National History Museum, and then we went to a free jazz concert. Then we went to Georgetown and walked around and ate dinner and I looked for a blue oxford-style shirt. Still to no avail. I almost found one, but it had covered buttons and I didn’t like that. So I didn’t buy it, even though it was only 15 dollars. I NEED TO FIND THE PERFECT SHIRT BEFORE I WILL BE SATISFIED. js-in’.

Saturday: Carly and I were going to go to the gym. So we got up and went. We arrived there at about 7:30 only to find out that GWU’s gym doesn’t open until 9:00 on Saturdays. And then we went back home. A bunch of us went to a flea market later on, and I bought a necklace. Then, we went to the National Museum of American History. Then we ate at a café called Cosí. It was ambrosial. Then, we went to Chinatown (which wasn’t exactly as cool as I had anticipated). Then we went to a free Shakespeare play. Then home.

Sunday: Lovely day at church, followed by a quick nap, some food, some chatting, and a free National Symphony Orchestra concert.  It was delightful.

Today, I went to breakfast with some people. I had carrot cake pancakes. They were good. Also super rich. (here’s your perfectly normal pancakes, kids! i love you mommy i love you mommy i love you mommy.) Now I’m about to do homework because somehow we ended up with a boatload of hw this week (!?) and then we might head out to Arlington for a bit and then go to a ward BBQ. Should be good.

here’s my “artsy” pic of myself at the national gallery of art, pre-entry.

and here’s the autotimer photo inside the museum.

this is my reflection on a piece of artwork which I can’t remember the name of. I’ll have to go back and find out.

and here’s my reflection in a glass pyramid.

this is a delicious cupcake that my dear friend brooke gave to me. it was scrumptious.

and here’s the view from the Old Post Office tower.

Sorry that I’m super bad at remembering to take photos. Soon I’ll obtain some from my friends who are good at remembering and (with their permission) I’ll share them with y’all.

I’m loving the east. The city feel is glorious, and so are the museums and the people. and the metro.

I’m more and more tempted to buy birkenstock sandals with every day that passes. East coast fashion is just too good.

Hope things are good wherever you all are, and that life is keeping you happy.


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