Living in Washington, D.C. makes me want to

(1) watch National Treasure. Some people watched it a couple weekends ago, but I wasn’t available at the time. Professor Jacoby disallowed us from watching it on the bus to Valley Forge this weekend. What the heck. Srsly, I really need Nic Cage to steal the Declaration of Independence one more time in my life. Especially when I’m going to run across the roof by the Liberty Bell this weekend. (Just kidding about the roof part, but I will actually be seeing the Bell.)

(2) read All American Girl. Yeah, that’s the teen romance/action novel that my sister and I were obsessed with when we were 9 and 12, respectively. I’ve probably read it approximately 16 times in my life already, but…she lives in D.C.! She saved the President’s life! I’ve got to get my hands on a copy.


Also, I’d just like to mention that everyone here loves giving out free food. That is one thing that I’m 100% okay with.

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