a post about other posts

i have been reading a lot of blogs lately. it just happens, ya know? so anyway, i’m going to share a few things.

(1) My friend of less than one week, Amanda, gave me one of the best compliments of my entire life this week. And she probably doesn’t even know it. She made a simple statement about me in a blog post that was one of the most flattering things I have heard in quite a while.

(2) Big news, guys. Jo wrote a blog post this week! I’m pretty sure I deserve the title “World’s Biggest Nagger” — I am, in fact, the two-headed bird that was killed with this blog post stone. Guys, I have cool cousins. because also, check this out. and this. and this.

(3) Recently, I started following this blog, because the writers are, in fact, going to speak to my relief society next weekend. (Unfortunately, I will be going to Gettysburg, so unless a stunning turn of events occurs and someone decides to drive home on Friday night, I won’t be able to attend. I’ll ask someone to video it or something.) At first, I wasn’t sure what I thought, because, true to the title, it is indeed about love. And, I mean, love is great and stuff, but I didn’t know how thrilled I would be about reading about other people’s love-ly experiences. But I persisted. And I have been pleasantly surprised. At a time in my life where I seem to be learning more every day about what the future can hold if I choose to let it, and as I come to understand more and more how simple these decisions can be, as long as they are based in the right principles, this blog has provoked much thought. This post was especially so: whenever I get married, I would like to look through that lens. But maybe that lens customized for me and my husband.

(4) Brooke. Is. So. Fun. She may be babbling, but it’s the good kind. The babbling that I don’t want to stop reading. She and her husband of 5 months are some of my favourite people. Probably especially because they are so good at being friends with other (even single!) people.

(5) Obviously always wishing for more posts from the mom-blog, the secondary chronicle of my life at present.

(6) Jules-Camps. No explanation necessary. She kills me.

(7) Despite Stacy‘s inability to keep a consistent blog when school’s on, I still practically worship her jokes and continue to say “JSin” always. And this photo still keeps me going when work’s tough. also, this will never die. and neither will this.

Of course, there are other blogs that I follow. (Julia knows.) But these are winning today, and that’s all I have the patience to write, so I’ll talk to you later.

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2 thoughts on “a post about other posts

  1. Stacy says:

    OMG shout out!!!!

    You’re the best, JSin’.

    And ugh, I neeeeeeed to blog. and I miss you times one million. not a joke.

  2. Brooke says:

    Oh em gee, you are so cute I can’t even handle it :) ALSO. I’m obsessed with a blog about love…. When are they speaking to you guys? BECAUSE I WANT TO COME!!!!!

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