three weeks, in short

I guess it’s about time for me to write another of these things.

Because let’s remember how the last time I wrote about things that I’ve done was in September. (That may not seem like a long time, but in the most eventful term ever, it’s a lot.)

In the past three weeks, I’ve been:

  • eating Korean food
  • watching a presidential debate (i filled my quota)
  • watching General Conference (and seeing Elder Croft at the visitor center)
  • going to the temple
  • eating Cafe Rio
  • acting as the Department of Homeland Security for a simulation of a bilateral cooperation to find solutions to the US-Mexico drug cartel problem
  • listening to Mara and Danny Kofoed speak at my RS retreat
  • visiting and touring Gettysburg (and eating at General Pickett’s Buffet…new fave.)
  • going to Vienna (not austria) for a bbq at bro jaco’s house
  • touring the Capitol Building
  • eating dessert with Brooke and Shelly (separately. i can’t resist good dessert.)
  • seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins (some of the utah-dwelling ones)
  • buying a plane ticket (!)
  • going to the Newseum
  • going to the Archives
  • visiting Vienna (again) for an ice cream party in the 50s diner in Josh’s basement (what? yes, that’s a thing)
  • riding a train to Baltimore
  • navigating Baltimore successfully
  • seeing the inner harbor
  • seeing Edgar Allan Poe’s grave (and the rest of that graveyard. all the mausoleums!)
  • eating super delicious seafood
  • going to The Book Thing
  • going to the Baltimore Museum of Art (they have The Thinker. (not the original. but still cast by Rodin.))
  • walking around Johns Hopkins University campus (gorgeous)
  • attending the Diwali Festival of Lights celebration at JHU
  • seeing Anish!
  • trekking around Roosevelt Island (fall leaves. need i say more?)
  • and…plenty of other mildly uninteresting things.

I’ve started walking home from work. It takes about 30 minutes, and it is a lovely walk, really. My walk home does consistently involve plunging into a crowd of tourists who are busy taking photos of the White House. Granted, one could then infer that I walk past the White House on my way home. That’s true. I do walk past the White House on my walk home. So it’s not all that bad.

(On a completely unrelated note, I realized that I like to have a “New Tab” page open along with all the rest of the tabs in my browser. There’s something mildly comforting about it. I could read into it and say that it symbolizes potential or something deep like that, or we can just accept it at face value. I’ll stick with the latter.)

Sometimes, my roommate, Jana, and I stay up too late talking about which residents of the BC should date each other. And then we wind up talking about our distastes for the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” and then we end up singing some JB and Avril, naturally.

I’m running out of things to say.

walking through the woods in maryland to get to the temple visitor center. take note of the absence of sidewalk.

statue of Brigham Young inside the Capitol Building

statue of Samuel Smith in Baltimore

Baltimore from a hill we climbed

e.a. poe’s headstone


mausoleums everywhere


jhu campus. that’s gilman.

we learned how to tie saris


roosevelt island


green leaves

no scarf


american food


health care



bus tours






talent shows



red leaves

yes scarf


indian food


health care


phone calls

holiday trips








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