a couple of things

  1. remember how a hurricane is coming toward DC? i have never before lived in a place that was less than 600 miles from the ocean, but now that i do, i’m getting a hurricane/snowstorm. seriously, they are calling this thing frankenstorm. what? who’s the clever fellow who came up with that? better get some food storage going. where’s the dry pack cannery when i need it?
  2. thursday is the new friday and i love it.
  3. can’t get over nutella. or ovo maltine. it’s absurd. i blame peter and my mom for giving me those as parting gifts.
  4. state department for class tomorrow? no complaints here.
  5. i didn’t get any free food this week. i’m supes disappointed.
  6. apparently when you are in your twenties, people make you dress up for halloween again. i managed to escape that during my later teens, but i guess that’s a thing again. and they’re making me do it for a service proj.
  7. but there’s also a multi-stake ysa dance tomorrow night. yes, that’s also a thing.
  8. one time, this happened. me: “i’m really glad the phrase ‘a thing’ is…” ed: “…a thing?”
  9. i signed up for my classes the other day. classes? that means i actually have to do school again. I have a weird combi of 400-levels, 300-level, 200-level, and 100-level. hopefully it’ll be fine. but i am also totes disappointed that yoga is during accounting.
  10. sometimes my mom and i send each other text messages reminiscing about our successes as a team in pictionary. (we’re the best team everrr. js’in.) i’m vair vair excited to play pictionary with my fam again. shelby and i already planned that when i get back, we will play pictionary and just dance.
  11. also, we (my family) went over our minutes this month…i guess that’s still a thing.
  12. annnd…i defs had a geek-out moment over the fact that i can download my calling/messaging info from vzw as a spreadsheet. i need stata! i better check to see if stata is on the comps here.
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One thought on “a couple of things

  1. Stacy says:

    #8. Killin’ me, yo.

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