that time when

  1. all my blog views today are from australia or malaysia.
  2. i haven’t showered since sunday morning, because
  3. i haven’t had work all week because of the hurricane. so,
  4. in celebration, i have stayed up way too late for the past two days, and
  5. i have slept in way too late for the past two days, resulting in
  6. i haven’t exactly accomplished anything for a while, except half my ballot and laundry and cleaning my room. also,
  7. i played just dance last night for the first time in so long. and
  8. i played hide and go seek for the first time in even longer. and
  9. we played washington area trivia from the early 90s. hilarious. on another note,
  10. i’ve basically been wearing the same outfit for two days: jeans + life centre sweatshirt with hood up (for the past six hours, i’ve also been wearing my rain jacket), because
  11. i also haven’t worn makeup or done my hair in a couple days, and
  12. i feel justified in doing so because i am amid a hurricane. but let’s be real here:
  13. i’m totally disappointed in the hurricane.
  14. it was pretty windy and rainy yesterday, but
  15. the power didn’t even go out. i guess that’s what happens when you live (almost) on the same road as the white house. but honestly,
  16. i’m still pretty glad about the hurricane, because, well,
  17. the hurricane is what made it so i got two days off work. but,
  18. i don’t live in NY or NJ, so i probably shouldn’t be talking about the hurricane.
  19. things got pretty bad there. however,
  20. the only political figure that, when mentioned, gives everyone warm fuzzies inside is in charge of NJ, so
  21. i’ll just be bringing up Chris Christie and his possible rescheduling of halloween all day long. for now,
  22. i will just continue to follow brooke’s hurricane survival steps
  23. (number 4 is particularly applicable to me)
  24. (i haven’t watched any movies yet, though), and
  25. i’ll keep watching the weather like my life depends on it, even though
  26. it’s hardly even raining or wind-ing here anymore. in fact,
  27. jana and i will probably go see the waterfront of the potomac soon.
  28. i hear there are trees and things floating down it.
  29. we’ll see. also,
  30. i’ve recently become obsessed with spraying clorox spray on that mildew spot in the corner of our shower, because
  31. mildew is gross, and
  32. the clorox spray totally works.
  33. i’ll just keep eating my hurricane food and
  34. i’ll continue doing all the things that are requisite during a hurricane (like eating. and … reading. and … blogging.) also,
  35. our room was fortunately not the one to end up with a big leak. so
  36. that was good. also,
  37. the hurricane was a blessing to everyone at the bc because
  38. everyone got their home/visiting teaching done during regular work hours. but
  39. i’ll have work tomorrow again, because
  40. it’s only supposed to be partly cloudy. come on, sandy. also,
  41. it’s been slightly hilarious to see who cares about me when i’m in a hurricane.
  42. i’ve been receiving approximately one million texts.
  43. it’s good to know people would miss me if i died or whatever.
  44. i’m excited to go to bed tonight, because
  45. i’m already tired.
  46. i’m pathetic. but listen up:
  47. i only have 5 ½ weeks left here, so
  48. i had better get a move on. but first,
  49. i think i’ll eat some more nutella.
  50. i’ll talk to y’all later.

this was halloween for me.
david bowie’s female counterpart?

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2 thoughts on “that time when

  1. Stacy says:

    nbd, i kind of loved the structure of this post. also, sorry I haven’t texted you. i promise i care about you, but the thing is my brother and his wife live in manhattan, so I was sliiiiiightly more concerned about them. sorry, charlie. i still think you’re pretty neat.

    and by the way, my brother and his wife are totes fine.

  2. Brooke says:


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