life haikus

it has been a while
since i wrote a post about
my life as of late

so here are some things
formatted in a fun style
i think in haiku

warby parker bus
saw the tweet and joined the fun
the best company

the election craze
i am glad that is over
city was ablaze

lots of tasty food
making eggplant wraps and yams
korean food wins

of course i have a
sufjan stevens obsession
happy for christmas

plan for thanksgiving
change plans spur of the moment
face indecision

big accomplishment:
learned korean alphabet
now for the hard part

a daunting task list
so many things to go see
no time for homework

found a place to live
rachel is my favorite
it will be much fun

healthcare industry
my life is health policy
ask me your questions

my parents’ new house
who knows where that’s at? not me
will ‘get’ to help move

must drink more aloe
or try a new kind of milk
can’t stop and won’t stop

i made a big step:
nutella addict no more
molasses cookies

go to gym sometimes
but walk to work everyday
3 miles? good enough

news news news news news
enough to last a lifetime
have to keep reading

miss the violin
played the other day; want more
that is where i thrive

big long list of goals
must find somewhere to begin
will learn icelandic

craving dance parties
few and far between out here
weekly at home, please

november’s half over
i come home in just three weeks
let’s not speak of it.

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2 thoughts on “life haikus

  1. Your Father says:

    It’s overrated (writing your life in haiku). Go have fun outside.

  2. Whitney says:

    This is fantastic! And Kyle will be impressed to hear of your efforts with the Korean language.

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