and i’m back

well, i suppose the time is far spent and i ought to update this again. i’ve been back from washington, dc since 8 december. my family moved to our new house, we celebrated christmas, i had a gathering with a bunch of my friends (more on this later), and currently i’m in albuquerque with peter and his family. my four-week break has been lovely so far. i resent the fact that it must come to an end — school starts on monday — but i am happy to have had so much time to spend with family and friends.

it’s a new year, and i made a resolution. i thought of it several months ago, and since then i have thought of many more resolutions i would like to do, but i decided to stick to only one. if i do too many, i just end up quitting them all, so one was my safest option. my resolution is to eliminate trans fat from my diet. (this includes all hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils, which means i will be checking the ingredient lists on all the food i buy.) i am excited about it. i think it will be good for me to (1) not eat any trans fat, and (2) be aware of the things i am eating.

concerning that gathering i hosted (hostessed?): whitney and i decided we wanted to get people together, so we planned it in about four days and carried it out on 26 dec. i daresay it was a success. we had lots of good food (==good leftovers) and lots of great people. in total, i think about 20 people came. (parents: everyone loved your new house.) it was fun to see all those people after so long. i don’t think i had ever hosted a get-together with that many people (excluding birthday parties, but those were mostly my mom’s doing). it was quite an adventure, but i enjoyed it.

so now i’m in abq. i’ve been here since friday. (6:15 a.m. flight. not super fun, but i did arrive here before 10.) i’ve met lots of wonderful people, have eaten lots of good cheeses and meals, and played with many small children. most adorable children ever, by the way. it has been lovely to spend lots of time with people i like a lot. and it’s great to be with peter again.

i’m writing this on a mac. there is no ‘end’ button, which i have wished to use several (maybe 5) times so far, but i do like the way my blog looks on a mac better than on a pc.

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