I was catching up on some This American Life today. And I loved what Ira said here a lot:

Kurt Braunohler

I do have a theory now. I do have a theory about if I do get married in the future. What I think I would want to do is have an agreement that at the end of seven years, we have to get remarried in order for the marriage to continue. But at the end of seven years, it ends. And we can agree to get remarried or not get remarried.

Ira Glass


Kurt Braunohler

Because then I think you get to choose. And I think it would make the relationship stronger.

Ira Glass

I don’t know what I think of that. Because I think, actually, one of the things that’s a comfort in marriage is that there isn’t a door at seven years. And so if something is messed up in the short term, there’s the comfort of knowing like, well, we made this commitment. And so we’re just going to work this out. And even if tonight we’re not getting along or there’s something between us that doesn’t feel right, you have the comfort of knowing, we’ve got time. We’re going to figure this out. And that makes it so much easier, because you do go through times when you hate each other’s guts.

Kurt Braunohler


Ira Glass

You know what I mean?

Kurt Braunohler

Of course you do. Yeah.

Ira Glass

And the no-escape clause, weirdly, is a bigger comfort to being married than I ever would have thought before I got married.

Kurt Braunohler


Ira Glass


something to think on


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