“there’s better food and cooler people there”

Once, Peter and I stopped at a grocery store in Highland. We looked for some pomade that grocery stores in Provo apparently don’t stock anymore. It is the best pomade for your dollar. It is cheap and effective. So we’d been running low and were desperately in need of this pomade. When we looked in the grocery store in Highland, we were elated to find that they had eight (!) of these pomades in stock. So we bought all of them.


This is my half of our purchase.

Today, Julia and I (we’re roommates now) made something fantastic: an egg baked in a tomato. It was super delicious. (The recipe we figured out was to cut off the end of a roma tomato (the opposite end of an end it can stand on by itself) and empty out the insides (which you can then eat on buttered toast), put a tiny bit of olive oil inside and sprinkle some salt and pepper inside and swirl it around so it gets all over the inside, crack an egg into the tomato, salt and pepper the top, bake at 425°F for 15 minutes, remove and put grated cheese on the top, bake for 5 more minutes. Then eat.)

Yesterday, Peter and I went stand-up paddle-boarding, which was extremely fun, and we both got terrifically sunburned. This aloe stuff has been saving me. But it’s still painful. Here’s hoping it is over soon.

I’m just working these days (since school ended a few weeks ago) and it’s great. I’m very happy about the no homework thing. Also, I will be done with school in a year. What? Weird.

I’ve been very obsessed with leggings lately. Especially patterned leggings. Those of you who see me regularly know about this. It’s quite fun.

Anyway, there are lots of fun things I hope to do this summer. I’m pretty excited about it all.  I guess that’s the simple summary of my life: I’m doing well, Peter’s doing well, it’s super fun being roommates with Julia, work is good (despite Stacy leaving) and summer is good.

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One thought on ““there’s better food and cooler people there”

  1. Stacy says:

    I sure do love the part where you and Peter use the same hair products :) :) :) :) is that too many smiley faces?? I think not.

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