It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about something.


Peter and I are engaged to be married! Our wedding will be on 14 August. We are very happy.



remixes are sometimes lame. however, sometimes they are fantastic. the perfect mix of what is familiar and what is new. the comfort of a song you love mixed with the novelty of something you’ve never heard before. 




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“there’s better food and cooler people there”

Once, Peter and I stopped at a grocery store in Highland. We looked for some pomade that grocery stores in Provo apparently don’t stock anymore. It is the best pomade for your dollar. It is cheap and effective. So we’d been running low and were desperately in need of this pomade. When we looked in the grocery store in Highland, we were elated to find that they had eight (!) of these pomades in stock. So we bought all of them.


This is my half of our purchase.

Today, Julia and I (we’re roommates now) made something fantastic: an egg baked in a tomato. It was super delicious. (The recipe we figured out was to cut off the end of a roma tomato (the opposite end of an end it can stand on by itself) and empty out the insides (which you can then eat on buttered toast), put a tiny bit of olive oil inside and sprinkle some salt and pepper inside and swirl it around so it gets all over the inside, crack an egg into the tomato, salt and pepper the top, bake at 425°F for 15 minutes, remove and put grated cheese on the top, bake for 5 more minutes. Then eat.)

Yesterday, Peter and I went stand-up paddle-boarding, which was extremely fun, and we both got terrifically sunburned. This aloe stuff has been saving me. But it’s still painful. Here’s hoping it is over soon.

I’m just working these days (since school ended a few weeks ago) and it’s great. I’m very happy about the no homework thing. Also, I will be done with school in a year. What? Weird.

I’ve been very obsessed with leggings lately. Especially patterned leggings. Those of you who see me regularly know about this. It’s quite fun.

Anyway, there are lots of fun things I hope to do this summer. I’m pretty excited about it all.  I guess that’s the simple summary of my life: I’m doing well, Peter’s doing well, it’s super fun being roommates with Julia, work is good (despite Stacy leaving) and summer is good.

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play dough

guys one time (tonight) it smelled like that home-made salt-based play dough in my apartment, which is extra weird because no one actually was making that, and now I smell like that home-made salt-based play dough and it keeps distracting me from studying for my economics test.


ps. look at the photo and read the postscript of this post. holla.


Do you want anything that’s right and proper? You go to work and you use the agency and power and ability that God has given you. You use every faculty, you get all the judgment that you can centered on the problem, you make up your own mind, and then, to be sure that you don’t err, you counsel with the Lord.

–Bruce R. McConkie, Agency or Inspiration–Which, 1973

Short hair thoughts.

I have had this thought on my mind quite a bit lately, and my need to write it out was solidified this morning by my roommate mentioning that she thinks she would really like to cut her hair into a pixie cut, but that she doesn’t think it would look good on her. Plus, she said, rumor has it that men like long hair. Since she’s hoping to date people and such, she wants to keep her hair long because that’s what men like.

I want to address both of these issues. Let me start by saying that this year and a half with short hair has provided me with the most fun I have ever (yes, ever) had with my hair. My short hair helps me feel fun and spunky, and it is exciting for me to be adventurous with my hair, which is something I’d never really done before I chopped my hair off.

Issue #1: “I would, but I don’t think it would look good on me.”

I think this statement is a lie. The “I would” part, at least. I am of the belief that every woman has the potential to look absolutely great with short hair. It’s not what your hair looks like: it’s how you wear it. If you are confident with your hairstyle, you will look good. People often tell me they think their face shape wouldn’t be compatible with short hair. To that, I say, look at this webpage: Pixie Cuts for Every Face Shape. I don’t know these women personally, but they all look great with short hair. If you could see their confidence in person, too, would they not look absolutely stunning? Nothing is preventing you from chopping off your hair except your own fear of it. You will look good if you decide to look good.

Issue #2: “Men don’t like women with short hair.”

To this, I say, men who don’t like you with short hair are not worth dating. If you want to have short hair, anyone worth dating will accept you with short hair. And the best of the bunch will maybe even think you look better with short hair. Your hair is an expression of you. Even if you have a fairly standard haircut, the way you put it up in a ponytail or straighten it or let it airdry or whatever — all of that is a form of you expressing yourself. And if the way you want to express yourself is through short hair, men dang well better like it! Because it’s not about the hair. It’s about you. And if what you want to do is have short hair, then don’t let preconceived notions of what men do or don’t like stop you!

If you are one of those men who is prejudiced against women with short hair, STOP IT. A hairstyle is merely an expression of oneself. It’s like getting dressed. You get haircuts too, men. And your haircuts are not like those of other men. Why should women be inhibited by these socially constructed norms? Women don’t have to have long hair and men don’t have to have short hair. Don’t pressure women to conform to these standards just because you imagine she would look “better” with long hair. That seems like a pretty narrow view to me. If a woman is confident, she will look good. You should not try to dictate whether she has short or long hair.

To the women reading this: GO FOR IT! The way you style your hair can be a fun way to express yourself. It doesn’t have to be short or long or in between in order to be self-expression. It’s whatever you want it to be. And as long as it is the way you want it, you will look fantastic.

And, as a caveat, someone wise once told me this: Hair is a good thing to change because if you end up not liking it, you can just change it again.


Clarification: I’m not trying to advocate for everyone to chop their hair off. It is still definitely up to you and your preferences. And I know I’m not any sort of expert on short hair. All I’m trying to say is that short hair’s not as scary as it sounds. If you want to cut your hair, go for it. If you don’t, don’t.

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I was catching up on some This American Life today. And I loved what Ira said here a lot:

Kurt Braunohler

I do have a theory now. I do have a theory about if I do get married in the future. What I think I would want to do is have an agreement that at the end of seven years, we have to get remarried in order for the marriage to continue. But at the end of seven years, it ends. And we can agree to get remarried or not get remarried.

Ira Glass


Kurt Braunohler

Because then I think you get to choose. And I think it would make the relationship stronger.

Ira Glass

I don’t know what I think of that. Because I think, actually, one of the things that’s a comfort in marriage is that there isn’t a door at seven years. And so if something is messed up in the short term, there’s the comfort of knowing like, well, we made this commitment. And so we’re just going to work this out. And even if tonight we’re not getting along or there’s something between us that doesn’t feel right, you have the comfort of knowing, we’ve got time. We’re going to figure this out. And that makes it so much easier, because you do go through times when you hate each other’s guts.

Kurt Braunohler


Ira Glass

You know what I mean?

Kurt Braunohler

Of course you do. Yeah.

Ira Glass

And the no-escape clause, weirdly, is a bigger comfort to being married than I ever would have thought before I got married.

Kurt Braunohler


Ira Glass


something to think on